An ongoing pilgrimage to self, to others, to awe, to all — via
breath, story, and song

Like a passageway to limitless expansion, Infinite Crescendo is a living library of sensory experiences from journey designers, music makers, and guides Paul Butler and Carly Jo Carson.

With a new and different take—and a bigger vision overall—on guided meditations and breathwork, we collaborate with a universe of creative partners to pair personal storytelling, active imagination, prayers, and song with live instrumentation, immersive encounters, and one-of-a-kind soundscapes.

What emerges are three kinds of journeys; three distinct but interrelated Infinite Crescendo offerings, each its own heart-opening opportunities from which you have the space to embody the true arc of your life. From there, the possibilities are infinite.


We invite you to begin where so many of the best relationships begin—with great conversation. Our recorded dialogs with artists, designers, musicians, thinkers, seers, and seekers are based on the inner, ancient knowing that we are mirrors for one another. As generous and vulnerable guests such as Mara Hoffman, Tenzin Cheogyal, and Laraaji open up to host Carly Jo Carson, deep opportunities for reflection and resonance emerge. Stories are medicine; they heal us from the inside out.

You can find Infinite Crescendo Conversations wherever you find your favorite podcasts.



In collaboration with each of our podcast guests—and based directly on the healing gifts and energies that arise during the Conversations themselves—we facilitate and record five- to thirty-minute aural experiences known as Microjourneys. From grief and growth to frequency healing and interconnectedness, they are like guided meditations that resound with deep navigational skills and heart-opening tools. Microjourneys function as a microdose of the longer breathwork journeys that we call Arcs.

Whereas our Conversations are made to take anywhere and be available to everyone, these poetic and profound immersive experiences allow for opportunities of stillness and insight, and they are exclusive to the Infinite Crescendo portal.  



Both the destination and the ongoing journey, Arcs are transformational modern-day rituals that include incantation, vibrational coregulation, channeled harmonics, and other moments of prayer and release—all with the goal of resetting, rewiring, releasing, and re-membering. Intentionally developed and divinely endowed via the friendship and musical collaboration of three-time grammy nominated musician and producer Paul Butler and breathwork guide and musician Carly Jo Carson, these hour-plus compositional breathwork experiences can be as potent as plant medicine and as penetrative as a healer’s prayer.  



Infinite Crescendo Heart Song retreats use breath, song, togetherness, and connection to create deep opening, wide expansion, and profound reordering. Each retreat includes several distinct breath journeys as well as multiple group vocal exercises designed to unite us with our truest voice. But these retreats are not only for the musically inclined. Even where there is doubt or apprehension, the magic of the group will yield a harmony, a melody, a rhythm. Creative integration—a kind of processing that ties back to intentions and helps highlight and preserve insights and shifts—is the final component, and may take the form of visual art, yoga, dance, and/or sound healing meditations. Past retreat locations include Bonny Doon, CA, Orcas Island, WA and Mallorca, Spain—each grounded with nourishing farm-to-table organic cuisine. Our next retreat will take place in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Join us for live, in-person breath-based Journeys in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Combining the feeling of a live concert with the complete Arc experience of incantation, vibrational coregulation, channeled harmonics, and other moments of prayer and release, our live Breathwork Journeys create deeply sensorial and penetrative connections. As you’re led by three-time grammy nominated musician and producer Paul Butler and breathwork guide and musician Carly Jo Carson, you’ll feel the in-the-moment instrumentation alongside the fullness of your breath—and our collective breath—coalescing to nurture awareness and support positive shifts. Check the calendar for local and traveling tour dates.

Microjourney Showcase

What began, in part, as a living room concert to support folk musician and Infinite Crescendo collaborator Josephine Foster, our Microjourney Showcases facilitate intimate and exclusive live experiences with the literal and figurative voices that inform and expand our family of offerings. Tailored to best fit the performer, storyteller, or songholder at hand, our Showcases create a living, breathing encounter to pair with and extend our recorded Microjourneys and Conversations. Something special happens when we gather with attention and care for one another—when we listen and witness, and create opportunities for others to do the same. We celebrate the alchemy of the group and the power of resonate live sound with our Microjourney Showcases.    

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